Salary Negotiation Is Scary But So Is Not Making Rent

Let us help you help yourself.

Who among us has not done the exact thing you’re not supposed to do when discussing salaries–accept the first offer tossed up? We get it. Discussing money is uncomfortable. But that discomfort-avoiding acquiescence could cost you tens of thousands of lost dollars over the course of your career.

This week’s Get a Media Job feature will help you suck it up and negotiate like your rent depends on it, because it probably does. To be clever about it, try racking up some compliments before you broach the possibility of a raise.

Once you’re face-to-face, “start talking about how you’re doing in the job. You want them to agree that you’re doing good [work],” [Equal Pay Negotiations founder Katie] Donovan says. “Then, once they say that, you say, ‘Well, that’s why I was so surprised to find out that I’m underpaid for the market.'” Make it about the market, not about you, and keep the tone along the lines of “how do we fix this problem” rather than “I want $10,000 more a year.” If your manager asks you for a number, pull out your research and say something like, “Based on what I’m seeing, it should be…” And just as you would do at an interview, quote the higher end of the range rather than the median.

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