Former LA Times Reporter Praises Pacific Northwest Series

When national correspondent Sam Verhovek (pictured) left the LA Times in 2007, he shared an emotional email farewell that rings as true today as it did then.

Now a successful author, he has imparted more memorable words as a judge for the Dolly Connelly Award for Excellence in Environmental Journalism. Per an item in the Wallowa County Chieftain in Enterprise, Oregon, the prestigious prize was awarded last week to “The Fate of Our Forests,” an East Oregonian Publishing Group look at the privatization of local forest industries:

Verhovek, author and former correspondent with the New York Times and Los Angeles Times, described it as, “Local journalism at its best. This series not only explained the changes and odd-bedfellows arrangements sweeping forest management in Oregon, it also explained in clear, lively prose the politics and economics of the issue as well.”

Verhovek’s latest book, Jet Age, just came out in paperpack and is all about the advent of the jet airplane. Up next: the topic of baseball in the Dominican Republic.

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