Samantha Bee Pays a Visit to the New York Times

Why haven’t other media outlets picked up on the incredible October 22 Bloomberg Businessweek story about some shady, profitable Wall Street maneuvers involving NYC equity firm Blackstone and Spanish gambling outfit Codere? That’s what Jon Stewart and Samantha Bee wanted to know last night on The Daily Show.

And so, Michael Moore/Roger and Me-style, Bee marched over first to the New York Times, where she spoke with reporter Gretchen Morgenson. Together, they engaged in a hilarious ten-second test. Ultimately though, the story fell victim to being “just another day on Wall Street.”

From there, Bee went straight to BuzzFeed, to get some brainstorming advice about how to make Blackstone-Codere go viral. Capped off with a little nearby Pat Kiernan and well, you’ll just have to watch. Well done. For Stephanie Ruhle, Mary Childs and Julie Miecamp, authors of the original Businessweek investigation, this has to rank as *almost* as good as an NYT front page pick-up.

[H/T: Ross Luippold / Huffington Post]

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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