Samsung Mobile, BuzzFeed and others among this week’s top PTAT gainers for product and service pages

Samsung Mobile is this week’s top gaining product and service page in the People Talking About This metric. No other product and service page came close to matching this page’s level engagement, earning almost 1.4 million more engagements over the week likely due to an ad campaign.

This list of top gaining product and service pages is compiled with PageData, which tracks page growth and engagement across Facebook.

# Name People Talking About Daily Growth Weekly Growth
1    Samsung Mobile 1,613,292 +202,573 +1,394,722
2    Intel 714,388 +9,853 +241,122
3    goodlife 好生活 319,672 +4,458 +209,132
4    Facebook 752,227 0 +185,199
5    GUESS Watches 189,739 -28,539 +143,143
6    BuzzFeed 248,554 -7,142 +110,145
7    YouTube 529,119 0 +94,339
8    African Pride 103,105 0 +88,368
9    GoPro 274,935 +26,816 +79,828
10    Visa 294,699 +10,697 +73,843

The content on the Samsung Mobile page heavily features the new Galaxy S4 phone which is to be released this week. There is a large discrepancy between any given post as some may earn almost 200k likes while others only receive 40k, suggesting the company is promoting some of these as page post ads.

Another interesting page this week is Buzz Feed. The page only has 267k page Likes and 248k in PTAT. The site does integrate with their own Facebook app that has 100,000+ MAU (monthly active users). It is also interesting to see that the page only occasionally shares links to articles on its site. Instead, it shares pictures from articles on its site.

If BuzzFeed were to focus on using Facebook as a distribution channel for links, it would possibly see increased traffic, though, the site produces a large mass of content everyday so this could lead them oversaturate themselves in fans news feeds.

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