Here’s How to Spin the Official Launch of Tronc

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Back in its day, the telegraph was the latest and greatest slice of content automation. A contraption that allowed vowels, consonants and sentences to magically ricochet to intended recipients.

So… If we were the content artists about to be formerly known as Tribune Publishing, we would be all over the fact that Monday June 20, the official debut of tronc, inc., coincides with the filing date in 1840 of a patent for said telegraph device, by one Samuel Morse.

“This started the telecommunications revolution,” an expert once told The History Channel. Hello?! Tronc, you’re continuing the most glorious chain of content-automation history imaginable. Is the June 20 date a coincidence? Shhhh. Don’t tell anybody. Instead, get TribPub chairman Michael Ferro to ring that bell. S-t-a-t. Stop.

In fact, if Chicago HQ is looking for the perfect sound bite to accompany this 6/20/2016 PR spin, we’ve got it. Go here and convert the string “tronc, inc.” to Morse code. The result sounds positively retro-cool.

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