San Jose Target Shoppers Get More Than They Bargained for

Porn over the loudspeakers!

Ever been on your way to a big box store with a list of three things, and two hours later, you walk out with a cart full of stuff? And you still didn’t get two of the three things you went to fetch initially?

Life can be that way at Target. In fact, it’s designed to be that way.

So when some shoppers visited one such store in San Jose, Calif., they knew walking out with a little more than anticipated would be par for the course. Only, not like this.

Thanks to soccer mom Gina Young and her three-year-old twin boys, we have a #PRFail that doesn’t affect the Minnesota-based retailer. But someone is probably on the unemployment line on the local level.

There’s Gina, waltzing down the cereal aisle gawking at the sales on Rice Krispies when she hears moaning. Loud, vociferous moaning. Kinda like in a… no!

Yes, Gina. That’s porn!

“Porn blasting over the intercom throughout the store. People offered to help me cover my [twins’] ears. Others threw [their] stuff down and walked out. Employees were running around everywhere. Picking and hanging up phones, which worked … for about two minutes before it started up again,” the mother wrote.

Sure, she was upset but courageous enough to fight through her disgust to tape the entire incident and post it on Facebook.

Her boys are crying in the background but she forged ahead. Thanks for the bravery, Gina.

And now, for this NSFW moment:

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