Sandra Boynton and Barnes & Noble to Host eBook Signing Next Week

Sandra Boynton will be in New York City next Monday to sign copies of her new eBook app, “The Going to Bed Book”.  The app was produced by Loud Crow Interactive, and it’s based on Sandra’s 1982 children’s book of the same name.

At the signing, the author will read to the audience while “The Going to Bed Book” app is projected onto a wall, and then she will sign reader’s iPads and iPhones. The app will get a new “This book belongs to” page where readers can write their name with a finger or stylus. Baynton will use this page to sign her autograph. The event is being held at 7pm at a B&N in Manhattan. For more details, check with B&N.

Update: The eBook signing will take place on the NookColor, not iPad.

B&N via The New Yorker