Santa Monica Ad Agency Loses Client, Writes Press Release Announcing It

We get hundreds of press releases everyday. Some are interesting, most are not.

Today we got this press release (apparently they sent our sister blog AgencySpy it yesterday, ahem):

Secret Weapon Sets Advertising Agency Record

May 13, 2010 (Santa Monica, Calif.) — Secret Weapon Marketing ( today announced it has set an unofficial, and possibly official, advertising record. The loss of the wireless internet provider CLEAR marks the first time the agency has ever lost a client.

“I’m pretty sure 13 years, 7 days is a record time for an agency to go without being terminated by any client,” said Dick Sittig, Founder and Creative Director of Secret Weapon Marketing.

CLEAR, a client for two years, gave notice to Secret Weapon that they are transitioning their account to another agency, effective June 30th.

“We wish them continued success and are proud of what we accomplished on their behalf,” added Patrick Adams, Secret Weapon’s Managing Director. “During the last two years, we successfully launched 32 markets covering 41 million people, doubled the total number of subscribers in the 4th quarter of last year alone, and last week CLEAR announced that the first quarter of this year was its biggest quarter yet in terms of new subscribers.”

Last week, the EFFIE Awards notified Secret Weapon that, in addition to two 2010 EFFIES in the restaurant category for client Jack in the Box, they’ve also been awarded the 2010 EFFIE Award for the most effective advertising in the Internet Products and Services Category for CLEAR.

“The EFFIE is the only advertising award based on objective real world results, not a subjective judgment, so we’re especially happy to be a winner,” said Adams.

Secret Weapon is unique in limiting itself to no more than three clients at a time, guaranteeing those clients attention from the principals of the company and the efficiency that results from abolishing big agency bureaucracy. The loss of CLEAR opens a rare vacancy on that roster.

About Secret Weapon Marketing

Established in 1997, Secret Weapon Marketing is a full service creative agency known for developing unusually effective advertising and marketing campaigns. Committed to constructing unique and recognizable properties for its clients, they’ve won a total of 11 EFFIE awards, including one for the Honda Helpful campaign with the Southern California Honda Dealers Association and a 2008 Gold Effie for work on the Jack in the Box campaign. Located in Santa Monica, California, Secret Weapon Marketing was formed by Dick Sittig, creator of the Energizer Bunny and the long-running Jack in the Box® campaign; and Managing Director, Patrick Adams. For more information, please visit

Is this passive aggressive? Brilliant? “All publicity is…?”

Or is it preemptive? Did CLEAR and Secret Weapon have a falling out and they’re trying to get in front of the story? Managing Director Patrick Adams told FBLA, “No. This is not a cat and mouse game.” He tells us they showed their former client the release before it went out.

It’s just a press release about how they have a small roster and now have one opening for the first time in 13 years.

Okay, it’s weird and we’re talking about it? “Well mission accomplished there,” quipped Adams.