Sarah Palin Dislikes Newsweek, Kooks

Sarah Palin has joined the masses of people heaving attacks at Newsweek and its cover piece, “Why Are Obama’s Critics So Dumb?” which was written by Andrew Sullivan. The Cutline reports that Palin tweeted to Newsweek, “Know what’s truly ‘dumb’? Giving a cover story to the Trig Truther conspiracy kook writer who thinks I didn’t give birth to my son.”

Palin was referring to Sullivan doubting that she was truly Trig’s mother. Sullivan responded to Palin that he didn’t know what she was talking about:

I have no idea, as I have said time and time again, whether Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig, and have never written such a thing. All I ever asked for a person who could become president was some basic evidence for her insane story, like medical records that most candidates have no problem providing. She never provided any, and preferred to withdraw from seeking public office rather than do so.

Of course, no response to the substance. She doesn’t do substance. Neither, it seems, does much of the rightwing blogosphere.

Let’s just go ahead and gloss over the irony of Palin —  someone who has claimed foreign policy experience because Alaska was close to Russia and fabricated words — calling someone a “kook.” Let’s also just forget about the fact that Sullivan’s piece doesn’t refer to Obama’s opposition as “dumb,” but is more of a look at how the president’s long term strategy will ultimately prove successful.

What we need to note is that with Palin chiming in, Tina Brown has done it again. Her cover selections have been odd, but they have drawn attention to the magazine. Time will tell if that impacts the magazine’s bottom line, but there are certainly worse things than having such a famous figure as Palin refer to the title.