Sarah Silverman Bombs Online

She’s great onstage and on TV, but Sarah Silverman apparently isn’t so good with the Interwebz. Out promoting her new book “The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee,” Silverman went online for a live chat with the sports blog Deadspin.

Things didn’t go so well.

From dealing with her handlers or her publicist or assistant or handbag holder or whatever other title given to the people hired to manage Sarah Silverman’s Literary Life, this live chat, dear loathsome readers, sucked….

Regardless of how chaotic and hectic these things tend to be, most of the authors who participate do manage to sell a few books when they do this. That is the end goal for such lofty literary endeavors. And, as I said, I think she’s funny. What could possibly go wrong?

As we’ve found out, everything. This was a drain from the get-go and Sarah and her team of People Hired To Make Things Run As Smoothly As Possible were, frankly, not helpful. Yes, I know, the commenting system here can be somewhat challenging. Especially since Sarah refused to get on the phone and passed along the menial task of signing up for commenting abilities to her even more disinterested “assistant” who shrilly interjected that if Sarah “signed up” for commenting “she does not want to start getting spam from Deadspin.” (For the record, you only get “spam” if you sign-up for the newsletter. Subscribe now!) I also found it quite astounding that Sarah, who admits in her book she spent most of her quality “writing time” Googling herself, could not figure out that she needed to click the crooked reply arrow to, you know, answer your questions.

Deadspin readers seemed to agree with the blog’s assessment.

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