Sargent Not Sold on Axe’s Clean Upper Lip

On Friday morning, David Axelrod appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program and had his mustache shaved off. This all stems from an electoral bet between Axe and host Joe Scarborough. While Axelrod WON the bet, he agreed to shave the ‘stache anyway since Joe and Mika Brzezinski helped raise a million dollars for his charity. It’s the first time that Axelrod has had a hairless upper lip in 40 years.

Sure, it was a little hokey to see it all play out, but a million dollars for a charity is a BFD, so we can live with it.

Apparently, it’s too much for some people. One of them is WaPo’s liberal blogger, Greg Sargent. 

On Friday morning, Sargent tweeted, “Am I alone in not caring at all about @davidaxelrod‘s “stache”?” Well, apparently, plenty of people care and they jumped ALL over Sargent for his comments. Several tweeters scolded Sargent for not caring because it was for a good cause. One of them, @ChuckGamble1968, tweeted to Sargent, “I have epilepsy. I care more about finding the cure.” Yikes With people coming at him like that, it’s no wonder that Sargent followed by tweeting, “OK, I surrender. All for shaving the stache if it’s for a good cause.”

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