Satirical ‘What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex’ Hits No. 44 in Amazon’s Listings

The joke  here is that the book is blank. That is also why the author is having trouble getting it printed.

Shed Simove decided to revive an old idea. Back in 1985, a book was published called Everything Men Know about Women. As you might guess, the book is blank. It’s also still in print today, and is selling quite briskly (some jokes never get old).

So Mr. Simove decided to use the old joke for a new book. He planned to have it printed by CreateSpace, Amazon’s POD service, and then sell it through Amazon.

This didn’t go so well.

The sample he got from CreateSpace didn’t look very professional, but that wasn’t the big problem. You see, CreateSpace’s systems didn’t like printing blank pages. When the staff was thwarted by the system they responded by printing the words “INTENTIONALY BLANK” at the top of every page.

It adds a second layer to the joke that will keep me giggling all day.

Amazon UK via Real Business

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