How Sweet and Savory It Is! Saveur Magazine Fetes Food Bloggers

Sixth Annual Blog Awards topped by Molly Yeh as Blogger of the Year.

Let’s start with the trophy.

Each winner of a 2015 Saveur Blog Award, from Brooklyn Supper (Most Delicious) to Food Curated (Best Use of Video), received a special Le Creuset salt and pepper shaker. The magazine’s sixth annual honors were handed out Thursday night at the New York Distilling Company in Brooklyn by editor in chief Adam Sachs and publisher Kristin Cohen.

Scanning the kudos menu, FishbowlNY couldn’t help but notice an extra layer of distinction: those honorees named both the Editor’s Choice and Reader’s Choice in their category. So an extra tip of the chef’s hat to The Woks of Life (Best Special Interest), Wine All the Time (Best Wine Coverage) and Orangette (Best Writing).

The top prize, Blog of the Year, went to Molly Yeh, who also won a Reader’s Choice award. The 26-year-old Midwestern New York transplant, who posts under the rubicon My Name Is Yeh, wondered via North Dakota newspaper In Forum whether this might make her worthy of lunch with a certain legendary Grand Forks Herald newspaper columnist:

“Cookie salad forever,” Yeh said, referencing the Midwestern potluck classic she recently featured on her blog. “Do you think this means I could cold call Marilyn Hagerty now and ask her to lunch?”

In our opinion, absolutely! Congrats to all of this year’s winners.

P.S. Just in case you weren’t aware of how much fun food and wine journalists have. At one point during this week’s panel, awards and field trip festivities, Saveur food editor Ben Mims demonstrated how easy it is to whip up a berry yogurt smoothie or seasonal vegetable soup when the appliances are of the Sub-Zero Wolf variety. At the end of the session, for good measure, he passed around some bread pudding.
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