Say Yay or Nay to Nikki’s Prom Dresses

The Washington Examiner‘s Nikki Schwab, who writes the “Yays & Nays” gossip column, has graciously (and bravely) agreed to allow FishbowlDC readers to choose her prom dress for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. In all likelihood, she’ll be seen in the dresses all week long at the parties leading up to the dinner and throughout the weekend, but she has agreed to let us, with your help, pick her dress for the big evening.

Keep in mind, she’ll be sitting with her bosses and colleagues at the dinner. We might want to take that into consideration when deciding how short or long or low-cut her dress should be.

Here’s how the contest will work: We’ll give you four dress options. You write us with the dress number that you choose for her. Write us at or to me at You may include any compelling reasons why she should wear or not wear a particular dress over another — we’ll run the moreĀ  interesting and useful comments. No need to include your name. Soon we’ll reveal the winning dress.

1. One-shoulder mini-dress by Forever Unique

2. Aqua Wonder Dress by Mischka Badgley

3. Black Feather Short Strapless Glam Cocktail Dress by Unique Vintage

4. Stellar System Dress by ModCloth (Strapless)