Scammed Condé Nast Gets Its $8 Mil Back

The guy who scammed Condé Nast out of nearly $8 million has waived his claim to the money in federal court, presumably making it possible for the magazine company to get its cash back, reports Forbes.

As you may or may not recall, a guy named Andy Surface emailed Condé Nast’s Accounts Payable department with instructions to mail payments for printing to “Quad Graph” instead of Quad/Graphics, the printer Condé’s used for years.

As William P. Barrett says on his Forbes blog: “It appears no one at Condé Nast bothered to check, and immediately started wiring money to Texas.”

When the real printer called to ask why its invoices had been unpaid for two months, the magazine company discovered they’d been had.

It’s unclear whether Surface will face criminal charges, but we’re just happy Condé is getting its money back. That $8 million can pay a lot of salaries.

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