Scary App: Amazon Shopping App for iPad – Even Easier to Shop Than the Website?

Amazon isn’t letting a little thing like an ebook reader war stop it from giving their customers what they want. Kindle and IMDB apps for the iPad were out the door the first day the iPad was available. Now, Announces Shopping App for iPad

Amazon’s iPad app lets you do everything you can do on the web page but fitted tightly with the iPad’s overall user interface. I think it might be quite a bit easier to actually search for and buy things using the iPad app than the website. That is kind of scary thought. Here’s what the app features:

– Purchase using Amazon’s 1-Click ordering and Amazon Prime
– Track packages or modify orders using the Your Account feature
– Receive personalized recommendations
– View editorial and customer reviews
– Browse Amazon’s Bestsellers, Gold Box Deal of the Day and Lightning Deals
– Access Wish List and Universal Wish List
– Watch movie trailers and listen to song samples

You can find more information about the app at:

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