Schieffer Brings Journo Friends to Fort Worth for Annual Symposium

If you’re lucky enough to ever have a conversation with Bob Schieffer, chances are he can’t go two or three minutes without mentioning Fort Worth, TCU or the Bullfrogs.

Well it was all TCU for Schieffer this week. The venerable “Face the Nation” anchor was back in his hometown of Fort Worth for the annual “Schieffer Symposium” at Texas Christian University’s School of Journalism, aptly named the Schieffer School of Journalism.

Bob was joined by some of the industry’s best- NBC’s Ann Curry, NYT‘s Maureen Dowd, Michael Eisner and the Weekly Standard‘s Bill Kristol- for a conversation on the state of journalism.

Of course, Schieffer’s old paper, the Fort Worth Star Telegram, was there to cover it. Check out some of their report after the jump…

Though news media companies have been shedding jobs, Eisner said that overall they are still vital and profitable. “We’re in transition, and everybody is trying to cope with the transition.”

Dowd said that technology has opened up all sorts of competition. Anyone with access to a computer can distribute his or her thoughts on the Internet. “In the old days, the columnists were on Mount Olympus. … Obviously things aren’t like that anymore. An electrician in San Diego can easily have something more original to say than I do, and faster. So we’ve become a whole nation of opinion leaders.”

Curry said the relationship between reporters and Barack Obama during his presidential campaign was “chilly.” She described Obama as distant. Obama changed course one time and talked to reporters about their food while they were eating. Reporters started writing and photographing him for their blogs and news outlets instead of having a casual conversation. “He literally backed away — ‘I just wanted to see how your taco was,'” Curry said.