School Kids’ Mag Weekly Reader Goes Back to Drawing Board

Reader’s Digest’s Weekly Reader, the elementary-school publication featuring cover stories like “We Have Five Senses,” “Fantastic Frogs,” and “Hello, Baby Panda,” is revamping both the digital and print side of the publication, according to a report by minOnline — and this promotional video.

In time for the new academic year, the print publications will have new layouts. The website is also getting an overhaul to help both teachers and students find age-appropriate reading material.

We’re confident that the new layout will do little to alter Weekly Reader‘s status as a welcome Friday distraction that greatly benefit antsy schoolchildren and hungover teachers alike. According to WR the publication reaches 250,000 teachers and 8 million students PK-12 every year. That’s roughtly 8% of all teachers, if Weekly Reader’s numbers match up with those of the U.S. Census bureau.

After the jump, some screengrabs of new covers from the promo video.

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