Scottevest T-Shirt & Polo Shirts with Secret Pockets for Gadget Geeks in Hot Weather

Scottevest Performance Polo

I think I first saw a Scottevest vest and jacket around 2002. And, I’ve wanted one ever since. But, quite honestly, jackets, vests, and even long sleeve shirts don’t make much practical sense when you live in a place like I do with an average daytime temperature that hovers around 80 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. But, when a friend recently tweeted a Scottevest sale coupon, I recalled that Scottevest short sleeve T-shirts and Polo shirts were added to their product line a while back. So, with coupon code in hand, I ordered both a Polo ($30, see photo above) and T-shirt ($25, photo below).

Scottevest Cotton T-Shirt

The Polo shirt has a single gadget pocket near the left shoulder with a earphone wire loop inside the collar. The T-shirt also has a left shoulder gadget pocket with earphone wire loop and adds a second pocket on the right bottom of the shirt. I tested both shirts on consecutive days of near 90 degree temperatures with near 90% humidity. I stuck a 5th generation iPod nano in the should pockets and used an Apple in-ear headset on both days.

I was happily surprised that the iPod nano did not place a drag in either shirts’ pocket. There was no tugging on either shirt. And, because of the nano’s light weight, I really didn’t even feel it. I stuck my earphone’s wire through the loop in each shirt and tugged and coiled the extra cable in the pocket. Having earphone cables out of the way is a great thing.

The best thing about these shirts, however, are not their gadget aspect. The best thing to me is the way they handle the perspiration that is all too noticable on hot humid days like the ones we’ve been having here for the past week or two. I thought the Polo did a better job of releasing moisture. But, the T-shirt does a better job than any other “normal” t-shirt I’ve used under similar conditions.

I’m glad I finally got around to buying these Scottevest shirts. Based on my two days of tests (one per shirt), I’m very satisifed with my purchases so far.

Here’s a couple of suggestions for Scottevest for version 2.0 of these products:

1. Use the material used in the Polo shirt for a T-shirt. It deals with moisture better.
2. The Polo needs a second pocket to store away a Livescribe pen, actual ink pen, or glasses. A traditional shirt pocket is fine. A velcro shirt sleeve pocket would be good too.
3.They need to add an Ultimate Cargo Pants shorts version to their product line.

Finally, read before buying the shirts. Scottevest notes that you should buy one size larger than you normally do. I did that and the shirts fit fine.