ScrollMotion Moving from Individual eBook Apps to eReader Container (finally!)

I’ve mentioned my dislike for those screen cluttering single-book-in-an-app ebooks many times before. It simply doesn’t make much sense to sell ebooks this way. According to MobileCrunch, one vendor – ScrollMotion – has more than 2,500 app-books in the iTunes App Store. But, ScrollMotion appears to be turning their model around by offering an ebook reader with in-app book purchasing…

ScrollMotion releases in-app purchase, has sold over 200,000 e-books on the iPhone

Ironically, ScrollMotion’s prolific ebook-in-an-app production makes it nearly impossible to actually find the ICeberg Reader since searching for that term results in a display of the thousands of ebook-in-an-app apps instead of their new ebook reader app. Fortunately, MobileCrunch provided a direct link to the app which I reproduce below…

Iceberg Reader 3.0.1 (iTunes Apps Store)

Can ScrollMotion’s Iceberg Reader compete with Kindle for iPhone, Barnes & Noble’s B&N eReader and Stanza (owned by Amazon like the Kindle for iPhone)?