Second Designer Responsible for Creating U.N. Logo, Donald McLaughlin Jr., Passes Away

At the start of the year, we shared with you the sad news that one of the lead designers behind the United Nations logo, Oliver Lincoln Lundquist, had passed away. Now at the end of the year, we return to the logo and to more sad news, that Donald McLaughlin Jr., the other designer who worked on creating this iconic piece of branding, has also passed away. McLaughlin was actually the original creator of the first pass at the logo, which was later picked up and worked on within Lundquist’s team, of which he was a part. Here’s how it all happened more than 50 years ago:

The team was assigned to create displays, certificates, maps, and guides for the delegates as well as what became its most enduring contribution: an official form of identification for the delegates. This became the prototype for the U.N. logo.

Mr. Lundquist, who died in January, said that the team had a contest to develop an appropriate design and that Mr. McLaughlin, graphics director for the conference, came up with the best one.