Secret's Out: Google's Sergey Brin Has Facebook Profile

Many profiles on Facebook purport to belong to Google co-founder Sergey Brin, but he may have one that's more of a secret -- which one is the real deal, and why the secrecy?

Google co-founder Sergey Brin took charge of figuring out the company’s social media strategy — as part of the management shuffle in January — and apparently his tactics include a down-low Facebook profile. But the secret’s out now.

Gawker’s Ryan Tate claims he found Sergey Brin’s real, personal Facebook profile. A simple Facebook search throws that there are many Facebook pages for Brin, as well as about a dozen profiles claiming to be his personal account.

However, Gawker says Sillicon Valley folks “have decided” Brin’s real Facebook profile is one that goes by the name of “Sergey Sergey.” This person is invisible to anyone doing a public search for him; you can’t see the profile show up on other people’s friend lists either. Most importantly, people who are friends with Sergey Sergey can’t see who his friends are.

But as time has gone by, Silicon Valley people have compared notes and realized that friends of “Sergey” consist almost entirely of Google veterans, “people such as Facebook chief technology officer Bret Taylor, a former Google product manager, and Chris Sacca, a tech investor who used to be Google’s head of special initiatives.” They think this is, in fact, Sergey Brin, in charge of “new products” for Google.

It’s a Clue game of the highest order, only that the “murder” here appears to be that Google’s social guru is cheating on them with Facebook.

Why do you think Sergey is reportedly so secretive about having a Facebook profile, especially if other Google execs already know about it? If you were working on a “Facebook-killer” would you think that being on Facebook would reflect negatively on your mission?