Seesmic for Windows Phone Update Lets You Hear Tweets

Seesmic for Windows Phone lets you deal with Twitter, Facebook, and Salesforce Chatter in a single app. The version 1.5 update adds a number of enhancements and new features.

Seesmic for Windows Phone 7 Just Got Better

The one that grabbed my attention was the ability to have tweets spoken. You can see the “speak” option highlighted in the screen photo here. The synthesized voice is a pleasant female one. Pronounciation is quite good for the most part. But, as implemented, speech is just a novelty item since you have to select a tweet and then press speak for each one. What’s really needed is a hands-free (voice recognition) or simple gesture control to let you hear either a batch of tweets (say the last 10) or go from one to the next based on a gesture.

Here’s what else is new in addition to speaking tweets.

– Improved user experience
– Saleforce Chatter: Improved the UI to make navigation more intuitive.
– Trend integration
– SMS Integration: Send a tweet via SMS.
– Hyperlinks: You choose how you would like to open hyperlinks, either in-app browser or Internet Explorer.