Seesmic Now Offers Lead Generation Plugin

Marketers and business people, this one’s for you: Seesmic, a popular Twitter dashboard, now offers lead generation capabilities through a recent partnership with InboxQ.

If you’re already a Seesmic user, you’ll be able to now leverage InboxQ’s lead generation from within the dashboard you’re familiar with. Seesmic announced the InboxQ partnership on their blog last week.

Simply visit the Seesmic plugin marketplace and download the InboxQ app. This will extend your Seesmic desktop, mobile or web-based dashboard to include InboxQ’s functionality.

So what does InboxQ do, exactly, to generate these elusive social media leads, you might ask?

It basically trawls Twitter for questions relating to a topic, business, product, brand or interest defined by you, and serves them up in a column on Seesmic. This allows businesses to respond in real time to people’s questions about their industry, thereby increasing potential leads through more, and more targeted, interaction with your target audience.

According to the Seesmic blog, InboxQ “helps identify customers who are deep in the purchase cycle or conversion funnel. Using InboxQ, businesses can develop a more direct ROI strategy around Twitter than just merely measuring re-tweets and other tactics that don’t necessarily lead to customer acquisition.”

Pretty powerful stuff, especially if your business – like so many others – is stuck measuring follower count and retweets without really understanding how these are valuable.

If you’re interested in checking this new tool out, you can visit the InboxQ Seesmic landing page for more information.