Seesmic Updates Android App To Speed Up Social Network Access

Seesmic is a popular multi-platform social networking app, available for all smartphone and personal computer platforms. Not only does Seesmic run on multiple devices, it also works with multiple social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, and Salesforce Chatter. An update to the Android version of Seesmic released today adds several shortcuts that provide direct access to specific parts of social networks.

After installing Seesmic for Android, you can add one of the six shortcuts shown in the screenshot to the home screen of your phone. I follow several different Twitter lists, for which I can now create home screen shortcuts so that I can access them directly. Otherwise, the process to access a Twitter list in Seesmic includes selecting your Twitter account, then tapping Menu, Lists, and then selecting the list that you want to view. Similar shortcuts can be created to access saved searches in Twitter.

If you have multiple accounts in Seesmic, you can create shortcuts to open each individually, which saves a few taps. Seesmic users who have Facebook pages they manage can create a shortcut to directly open their pages. Finally, you can add the Compose shortcut to your home screen so that you can quickly enter a status update, and the shortcut provides the ability to post a update across multiple accounts be they Twitter, Facebook, Google, or Salesforce Chatter.