Seesmic Updates Android App

Our favorite Twitter client for Android, Seesmic, has been updated. The update includes the following new features:

– A widget that displays your timeline one tweet at a time. Tap the tweet to read it or tap the Compose icon to write your own tweet

– Support for Twitter’s native re-tweet function or the “traditional” re-tweet quote

– Adds geotagging so that you can include the location from where you are writing a tweet. Seesmic can be configured to automatically add the location information, or you can add it manually

If you are looking for a Twitter client for Android, I think that Seesmic is the best one of the many that are available in the Android Market. One reason that I like it so much is that it displays the most tweets from my Twitter timeline on one screen than the other Twitter clients. It also seems to be a bit faster in working with Twitter and supports all of the main Twitter functions like lists. If you already have Seesmic and haven’t seen the update notification from the Android Market, start up the Market and go to the Downloads section.

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