Seesmic Web Adds Several Features

Twitter client Seesmic revamped its Seesmic Web, adding features including integration with and foursquare, contact notes, display of the verified account icon, the ability to send characters in different languages, a filter timeline for keywords, a new column gear menu, the ability to reauthorize and delete Seesmic Web accounts, and a redesigned sidebar.

The changes were announced in a post on the Seesmic Blog. Highlights follow:

You don’t need to navigate from page to page, as you find everything in your browser. Simply go to your Settings page, add your Twitter,, or foursquare accounts, and select them when wanting to cross-post to multiple destinations.

Find your signal within the noise! Seesmic Web enables filtering keywords into your timeline. Add rules for the searches you’re interested in and select the keywords you’re keen on. Filters go both ways, as you can also exclude the details you don’t find useful and the references containing them won’t be included.

Use Seesmic Web to send your typed characters in different languages in real time! Seesmic Web is the first app to introduce this feature. Transliteration transforms the characters you type to be displayed in the selected language. Go to Options in your Posting Bar, opt for the desired language, and type your post.

Each column bar incorporates a new Gear Wheel selecting: E-Mail Mode, Filters, and Trends Description, making the content or filter more intuitive and easier to understand. This means that you’ll not lose your way through all the opened columns and have a better organization of the app. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.