From Illiterate to Education Watchdog Reporter

Segann March introduces herself to readers of The Shreveport Times.

SegannMarchTwitterProfilePicIn her introductory note to readers of The Shreveport Times, staffer Segann March concludes by declaring that her arrival at the paper “is only the beginning.” Indeed, there’s no telling where this first job at a paper founded in 1871 will lead.

March, a New York native, grew up illiterate and was tasked at a very young age with watching over her siblings. However, for her, adoption turned out to be a path to ascension:

My life took a drastic turn when I moved to Evansville, Indiana from New York to live with my parents, Tim and Julie March, after living with my biological mom for many years. We had an instant connection and they helped me become the person I am today. I remember my parents spending hours with me, teaching me how to read and write so I could be advanced as the other students in my grade level. It was a struggle, but they never gave up on me and believed in me.

The irony of it is that I went from illiterate to becoming the Education Watchdog Reporter for The Times. My parents believed in me and I want to give more students the opportunity for somebody to believe in them – to hear their voices – to help.

March graduated this spring from Indiana University with a degree in broadcast journalism. She had started out studying biology, but switched her major. Below is a sample of the reporting she did while at school for IU NewsNet.

[Photo via: @SegannM]

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