How To Self-Diagnose And Cure Your Twitter Addiction, In Pictures

New Year’s is the best time of year to check in with yourself for a little annual health appraisal.

Eyesight any worse? Exercising frequently? Avoiding those carbs?

Addicted to Twitter?

Weaning yourself off from Twitter, if your obsession with it is becoming unhealthy, is no small feat. But we’re here to help stage an intervention.

Here are a few tips and tricks for self-diagnosing and curing your Twitter addiction.

To diagnose your Twitter addiction:

Assess the research.

Evaluate whether your habits fall into any of the 10 “social sickness” personality types.

To start your path to recovery:

The first step is acceptance.

If that fails, try denial.

Wear your addiction on your sleeve, so you’re held accountable.

How often do you tweet each day? Has it become an all-encompassing time suck? Let us know if you think you’re a Twitter addict.

(Pill bottle image from Vladir09/, Infographic 1 from Online Schools, Twitter addiction image from Creative Overflow, Denial image from Gaping Void, Infographic 2 from Marketo, buttons image from Adam Troudart.)

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