Send Thank You Notes During The Holidays With This App

Writing thank you notes for gifts you receive during the holidays adds a really nice touch to the season. But it can be hard to remember to pick up physical cards when you may still be worrying about sending out holiday cards yourself.

ThankYouPro wants to help you with that. The app lets you write thank you notes digitally that will be sent physically.

The app includes 20 templates and an option to design your own. You can write a note, add the address, digitally sign and the mail a thank you note all from the comfort of your iPhone or iPad. The cards are printed on gloss card stock with laser printers and are sent via First Class mail within 24 hours of your order. And yes, you can get Siri to do it for you. The cards are about $2.99 a pop, so not unlike the cost of a one-off thank you note from the drug store, and the first one is free.