SendToKindle Now Runs on Your Android Gadget

How often have you started reading something in the web browser of your Android phone and then wanted to continue reading on your Kindle? SendToKindle has released an app that will help you do that.

Send To Kindle is one of the web apps that help you send the contents of a web page to your Kindle. When you use it on your computer, it’s a bookmarklet (works on all 3 major browsers and Safari). But on Android it is an app. It’s also supposed to be listed under the sharing options in the Android web browser, but I don’t see those options (but I’m not using the standard browser).

This app is relatively straightforward. After configuration, you copy and paste the URL of a page into the app and click send.

The first version of this app came out close to 6 months ago, but I only noticed it yesterday. This is an option I’ve wanted to have for Android for the longest time, and I’m thrilled to be able to share it with you.

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