Senior Editor Sacked At The Lancet

The Lancet has fired senior editor Rhona MacDonald for what MacDonald said was a violation of the journal’s confidentiality policy, reports The Scientist.

MacDonald said that she was fired after sending out two versions of an editorial she’d written for the journal, a draft and the final version; she said she sent both versions to prove that editor Richard Horton, “changed the whole meaning of the editorial without giving me…the opportunity to make any comments or suggestions before the editorial went to press.”

She told The Scientist that after she sent out those two drafts, she was fired.

Lancet publisher Elsevier wouldn’t confirm or deny the circumstances of MacDonald’s dismissal: We have respected the confidentiality of the circumstances of Rhona’s departure from the company and wish to continue to do so,” Elsevier spokesperson Tom Reller told The Scientist. “We consider it appropriate to make it clear that the company does not agree with the statements Rhona has made upon her departure, but we do not consider it appropriate to comment further.”