Separated at Birth: Energy Sec. Nominee Moniz

If his nomination for Energy Secretary is approved, Ernest Moniz will by far be the most uniquely-coiffed member of President Obama‘s cabinet. Never in our wildest dreams could be conjure up this kind of hairdo. If he ever normalizes it, this will be one of the biggest disappointments in FishbowlDC history, so we want to tread carefully. A note to Ernest: No matter how much crap you get about your do — this is Washington after all —  hold fast to your hair, don’t go changing it. If you want to freshen it up, a slight variation on the Quaker Oats cut is fine, but please, nothing drastic.

Which brings us to today’s twins. So many to choose from, but we’re matching Moniz with Mediaite White House Correspondent Tommy Christopher a myriad of other important figures, including Richard Perle (top right) and Tiny Tim (bottom row, right). In some of Moniz’s younger pictures, he apparently made good use of a waffle iron to create showstopping crinkly waves. As FBDC’s Eddie Scarry stated yesterday, the Quaker Oats man works as well. We also think there may be a dash of Robert Blakeman from TV’s “Baretta” in him as pictured in the bottom row at right with Moniz in the middle.