Servers Crash as Passes to September 11th Memorial & Museum Opening Week are Snatched Up

What’s one of the unexpectedly hottest tickets in town, but in a slightly uncomfortable sort of way? If you answered “tickets to the opening of the National September 11th Memorial & Museum,” you’d be right. The organization’s online reservation system was launched on Monday, offering visiting times spaced out by 30 minutes, starting on September 12th, when the memorial and museum is set to open to the public. The NY Post reports that within minutes, the site was swarmed with people trying to get tickets, at one point with “up to 1,000 people logged on simultaneously,” which crashed the site for a short time before the organization was able to scramble and get it back up and running. The paper continues that “More than 5,000 tickets were issued in the first hour after reservations opened at 9 a.m.” Now that the site is functional again, if you’re eager to get your passes, you can visit this page to grab them. Just don’t expect to get in right away, as at the time of this writing, nearly all the availability for that first opening week are already accounted for. And as a follow-up to a previous story from a few weeks back, it looks as though the organization has figured out how to work with collecting fees after catching so much heat when talk of $20 per pass began circulating. We have no idea how it will look at a physical entry point to the grounds, but at least on that aforementioned page, it’s clearly stated that donations are optional and in varying amounts (though you’d have to enter $0 if you don’t chose to give to the museum).