Seth MacFarlane on Donald Trump

The MC of Trump's 2011 roast offers an astute psychological observation.

As Seth MacFarlane recounted this week on The Late Late Show With James Corden, back in 2011, President-elect Donald Trump was able to comfortably handle a slew of direct insults. There were no angry tweets and no glossy magazine subscription boosts. Just a nod here, a smile there and tacit acceptance. So what changed?

MacFarlane, the MC of Comedy Central’s 2011 roast of Trump,  had this interesting thought:

“I think, no matter who you are, anyone of us, if you stand in front of crowds that are deifying and lionizing you for 18 months, it’s going to turn anybody into a madman. It’s not normal. And I think you’ve seen it, not just in him, but in other candidates that this has been the case as well.”

MacFarlane also, of Trump on Twitter, suggested the President-elect owns “the worst thesaurus in the world.”

In case you missed it, The Huffington Post in October shared a behind-the-scenes look at the 2011 Trump roast. Contributor Daniel Libit interviewed a number of show-production principals and got further insight into why Trump was able to manage the task so well:

“So many people are initially intrigued by the idea [of a roast] and then it starts to cook in the brain and then they pass,” said Rick Austin, who served as producer for the Trump roast. “The more that we learned about Donald Trump along the way, the more it became obvious that Donald Trump is up for anything, so long as you are talking about him.”

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