Twitter Paved the Way for Three Seth Meyers Comedy Writers

Take my tweet, please! As today’s Vulture piece by Jennifer Rogers and Callie Wright vividly reminds, you never know who might be paying attention to a 140-character comedy showcase.

BryanNardvarkTwitterIn this case, two of the three hired tweeters – Alison Agosti and Michelle Wolff – had comedy backgrounds. But third Twitter gagster Bryan Donaldson, found through @TheNardvark by Late Night head writer Alex Baze, was a central Illinois IT guy. Seriously:

The Late Night interview lasted 15 minutes, and Donaldson assumed he’d blown it. “It was so short that I thought they’d decided they weren’t going to waste any more time,” he says. Then, a few weeks later, he got a call at work from Baze telling him he had the job…

“Twitter has democratized the [comedy writer evaluation] process,” says Meyers. “We used to look at smaller samples, now you can look back and see what a person thought was funny for the past calendar year.”

That job interview happened in October. Donaldson, along with the show’s 11 other writers, started December 2 and is currently in the process of selling his house in East Peoria.

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