Seth Meyers Hopes to Welcome Hillary Clinton as His First Show, Second Guest

Ha ha. That’s apparently the running gag between Meyers and his already-booked February 24 Late Night show opening interview Amy Poehler. They would both love, Bizarro World-style, to have someone huge follow her as the number-two guest.

Meyers’ chat this week with Dan Patrick touched on all sorts of other great topics, including the best SNL audition Meyers ever witnessed (Kristen Wiig), the rumored biggest-diva host (Steven Seagal) and the failed franchise payoff of his and Poehler’s “Little Sleuths.” Meyers also reminisced about one reason (besides President Obama’s hearty laughter) the portion of his 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner jokes about The Donald worked so well:

“Trump didn’t laugh, which was the best. I got so lucky that he didn’t laugh, and that the camera knew where he was.”

“Such an awful shot of him too. If there’s one thing I feel bad about – he had like that “Old Man in the Mountain” framing, of just a profile. In a sea of laughing faces. Just a perfect shot to catch, like… a solitary tear.”

Cue angry @realDonaldTrump tweet? There’s no doubt Meyers is going to kill it as Late Night host. There may be nerves during the first few weeks when the guest isn’t someone as familiar as Poehler (remember Fallon & De Niro!?). But overall, this is the perfect, timely move for Stefon’s articulate, curious and intelligent semi-Significant Other.

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