Setting Up eWallet Synchronization On Android Phones

Ilium Software released the eWallet Viewer for Android phones earlier this week, but today was the first time I had a chance to set up synchronization of my eWallet file between my PC and Nexus One. Because I had some problems getting synchronization working, I thought I would pass along some information in case anyone else experiences the same problem. The important piece of information you need to know is that you must be running eWallet Version 7.1 for Windows.

To find out which version of eWallet you are running, click the eWallet orb in the upper left corner of the eWallet Window, and then click About eWallet. You want to see version 7.1.x.x, with the key being the first two numbers of the version string. If you do not have at least version 7.1click here to go to Ilium Software’s web site and download the Windows PC version. You should be able to install the new version over the existing version and not have to re-enter the registration key.

Once you have eWallet running, and have the wallet that you want to synchronize with your phone open, connect your Android phone to the PC, and be sure to mount the phone so that it appears as a drive on your PC. When I do this on my PC running Windows Vista I see an AutoPlay dialog asking me what I want to do with the Removable Disk, and I select Open Folder To View Files.

Next, switch to eWallet and click Setup in the Synchronize group on the eWallet ribbon. Click Add on the Synchronization Setup window, and finally click the Android option. You can enter a name for your phone and then click OK. For the initial synchronization you may see a message box saying an eWallet file was not found and it will ask if you want to eWallet to create a new file, click Yes.

Note that if you do not see an Android option on the Choose Device Type window, you do not have the right version of eWallet running on your PC. When I first tried setting up synchronization I was running eWallet 7.0, did not see an Android option, and instead selected Another Computer. Setting up synchronization in that way will work, but it does not create the correct version of the file that the eWallet Viewer recognizes. If you start eWallet viewer and the wallet you synchronized does not appear in the list of wallets on the phone, the right version of the file is not on your phone.

With the help of Lee Stutesman of Ilium Software, who answered their customer support line, I was able to figure out that I did not have the right version of eWallet and after that got synchronization working veyr quickly. I am now happy to be able to view my eWallet data on my Nexus One, though I hope someday Ilium Software provides a full version for Android so that I can add information to my wallet. In the mean time, a couple of things that would be nice to have in the eWallet Viewer is numeric keyboard for the Password dialog for numeric passwords, and the ability to search for items in the wallet.

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