Seven Correct Answers to Become a PR Director

Corporate PR Directors can have almost as short a shelf-life as CMOs. Do you have what it takes to get the job and keep it? The Arlington Mills Group says you only need to answer seven simple questions to find out if you have the right stuff.

The tricky one addresses crisis work for a hypothetical vacuum company:

7. When facing a crisis, experienced communications professionals understand that there are certain “power phrases” to use on the press that can “transform the message.” Pick the best of these:

A. Schaffen-Wertheimer regrets this minor chemical release at our Malaysian vacuum hose assembly plant.

B. The great majority of victims were not company employees, but legally contracted freelance youth vacuum assembly enthusiasts.

C. It is unfortunate that the Malaysians are moving forward with this indictment based solely on the results of a six month investigation.

D. The real tragedy would be if this unfortunate incident were to distract us from our mission: delivering best-in-class vacuuming innovation and value to the global consumer.

Bingo. The answer is D.

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