SF Chronicle Writer Alicia Parlette Loses Her Battle With Cancer

Alicia Parlette, the young San Francisco Chronicle writer who had been documenting her struggles with cancer, died yesterday at the age of 28 after five years of fighting the disease.

The details of her final days are both heartbreaking and beautiful.

From the SF Chronicle:

Ms. Parlette went to the emergency room on April 2 with breathing problems and debilitating pain in her hip. Tumors in her lungs had grown to the point she could no longer breathe on her own, and the tumor in her hip had caused it to fracture.

By mid-April, Ms. Parlette and her medical team decided to end treatment.

Days later, she and Lucas Beeler, the boyfriend she had met on BART in October, had a private commitment ceremony. He gave her the wedding ring worn by his mother and grandmother.

As her stamina declined, a steady flow of friends came to say goodbye, and thousands more sent messages via Facebook and a Web site set up for her.

Ms. Parlette recorded her thoughts on a digital recorder, and friends are planning to transcribe them. In her last days, she listened to friends read aloud from her favorite book, “To Kill a Mockingbird.” She died 20 minutes after her high school English teacher finished the last chapter.

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