SFMOMA First Museum to Release iPad App

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art wins the prize for first museum to have something available for the iPad. As soon as Apple’s new device was made available this past weekend, SFMOMA rolled out the Rooftop Garden App for iPad. Although somewhat of a port from an app that had long been available for iPhones and iPods, the program had been overhauled to give it additional content and was appropriately scaled to fit the new, larger screen. So maybe not a “first!” win that featured totally new content, it still counts and as such, they can keep their bragging rights. Here’s a description of Rooftop Garden:

It provides access to the garden from all angles, with commentary about the sculptures, an interview with the architects, plan drawings of the space, a musical response by saxophonist George Brooks, a video feature on the people behind the Rooftop Coffee Bar featuring Blue Bottle Coffee, and remarks from SFMOMA Director Neal Benezra on the finished space. The iPad app, in particular, has improved user-feedback capabilities for Twitter and makes other user’s Tweets visible, deepening the two-way communication between the museum and its global network of followers.