SGS 2010: Branded IP and How Family Feud Broke the Rules

Family Feud by iWin is a relatively new social game on Facebook that’s broken all the rules when it comes to best practices. The founder of iWin, David Fox, talked to us about the reasons that make this game a successful brand extension on Facebook, debunking the myth of branded IP’s failing on Facebook. The audience gained valuable insight through the talk although duplicating Family Feud’s success for other branded IP’s will not be an easy task.

Family Feud is a well-known, long-time game show running on Facebook. They have excelled in maintaining a loyal following but now need to adapt. A brand extension onto Facebook seemed like a viable option to rejuvenate the brand. With an infusion of sociability, Family Feud has prudently made leaps from analog to digital to social. Although Family Feud had casual download and multi-player game presence on consoles prior to their advent on Facebook, it is only now when they are fully unleashing the brand’s power.

Complementing the game’s unique round-based game play is their pseudo-freemium monetization technique. Analogous to try/buy and arcade coin-up strategy, Family Feud charges players to play additional rounds once they have completed their four. The game also offers players the ability to ask their friends questions about themselves and meta-game features to encourage retention.

They definitely broke the 10 design commandments, some of which include keeping sessions short, keeping content common and focusing strongly on virtual goods. David Fox encouraged the audience to be brave and try new things. This advice could work especially as the industry is still a bit premature and the success of Family Feud will definitely inspire other brands to test the waters on Facebook, like we will see with games like The Price is Right.