Shafer Knocks Kurtz Out in His Own Ring

Longtime media writer Jack Shafer, who was recently laid off from Slate, appeared on CNN Howard Kurtz’s web extra for “Reliable Sources.” On the surface, the conversation between the media writers seemed to be polite and smooth. But at various points in the program, the undercurrents proved to be treacherous as Shafer pointedly went after Kurtz, laying a huge blow on The Daily Beast‘s Washington Bureau Chief by pummeling him on his own show. Kurtz posed questions about the purpose of media writers when some believe that anyone can be a media expert these days. Shafer reminded Kurtz that he still does it better than the novices.

Shafer to Kurtz: “You’re a slow-moving target that bleeds profusely
when hit, Howie. Who could resist shooting at you?”

Watch here.

UPDATE: WaPo Opinion blogger Erik Wemple also wrote about Shafer’s appearance on Kurtz’s web show. In his late Friday post he says Shafer was joking around. We’re not so sure about that. Read here.