Shaq Beats Out Kobe on ‘Sports Mistresses’ List

As a general rule, the folks at San Francisco sports website love lists. Evidently, traffic keeps pouring in for the “10 Craziest Arrest Stories from This Year’s [NFL] Draft Class,” “The Biggest Hits of the NHL Season (with Video),” and the many other regularly compiled slide show countdowns.

Today, we couldn’t help but click through to the “Sexiest Sports Mistresses of All Time.” What we didn’t expect was to soon be staring at another quantification of the vaunted Shaq-Kobe rivalry.

Shaq has three gals on the list at #24, #22, and #9. The last one, Swedish model Dominica Westling (pictured), was supposedly into cyber sex. Kobe, meanwhile, gets just a single mention, via a #14 ranked Laker Girl.

How accurate is any of this? Who knows. But we can definitely dig how Shaq might get a laugh out of being crowned Lakers MVPP.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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