Shaquille O’Neal Goes Undercover As an Unusually Tall Lyft Driver in New Digital Spot

Are riders surprised at the big reveal?

Headshot of Lauren Johnson

Would you recognize Shaquille O'Neal if he was your Lyft driver?

To spoof riders in Atlanta, the ride-sharing app planted a camera in the front of a car and dressed up Shaq in wigs, beards and sunglasses under names like Pierre and Goose for a day.

Whether or not the 7-foot-1 star actually surprises anyone is questionable at best, but at least a few of the riders went along with the joke. After all, he does tell passengers, "You know my favorite movie? Kazaam—it's everybody's favorite movie" and that he's "the greatest free-throw coach of all time."

The brand worked with production studio Alldayeveryday and director Alex Richanbach, who is also behind Funny or Die shorts like "NFL Fantasy Football Commissioners Resign" and "Dan Gilbert Apologizes to LeBron James."

The YouTube spot debuted Wednesday and, in a day, has generated more than 790,000 views on YouTube and another 294,000 on Facebook.

Shaq isn't the only sports star to spoof unsuspecting drivers. Danica Patrick, the Golden State Warriors and Jerry Rice have created similar spots for the ride-sharing app. Take a look below:

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