"Share Song" Let's You Give Your Facebook Friends Something To Groove To

I’ve been searching for a Facebook application that lets you share the full version of songs within your feed. While applications like iLike provide licensed 30 second samples, none of the applications that I’ve found make it easy to share full songs directly to your feed. There previously was the Music application which let you post full songs but that was disabled in a short amount of time as it violated Facebook terms and a little thing called “the law”.

The Share Song application has been developed by Grooveshark and enables users to share any song that currently exists in the Grooveshark library. The company states that they currently have over 10 million songs in their library. I’m assuming that the company has licensed the songs to have them played within users’ feeds. However the legal aspects have been handled this company apparently feels comfortable enough to post this on Facebook.

The application has already been spreading relatively quickly. The company claims that over 2,500 users have used the application in the past week even though Facebook’s numbers report under 2,000. Regardless of the discrepancy in the number of users, this application should spread to hundreds of thousands of users if not millions. Considering that Grooveshark is a smaller company than iLike, you have to wonder what legal issues exist though.

I’ve found plenty of popular songs that can be played in my feed. Music on the web has been a complex issue as many times the big artists tend to be on the losing end of any deal. Music piracy hasn’t declined a substantial amount though. Bittorrent is a well known source of just about any song or movie and users of Bittorrent providers don’t typically pay for the service. While the digital music space is still trying to figure itself out, the Grooveshark guys think they have a solution.

Go check out the Share Song application to start sharing music with your friends.