Why Curating, Sharing And Crowdsourcing Twitter Lists Is So Awesome

Do you use lists on Twitter?

They’re one of the most useful and – in this author’s humble opinion – underused aspects of Twitter for both businesses and individuals.

Lists make it easier to keep tabs on certain groups of people, handle information overload with confidence, and network more effectively. And there’s a new tool on the market that takes lists to the next level – letting users create, share and crowdsource lists.

List.ly is a new Twitter list curation tool that enables members to make their social lists exactly that: social.

Upon signing up, you can access all of List.ly’s great features. For starters, you can create lists within the website itself – lists of anything! Your favorite movies, tech resources… anything. But for our purposes, we’re going to focus on List.ly’s ability to enhance Twitter lists.

Lists as they are are what I’d call semi-social. They’re created by one person, and can be subscribed to by others (as long as they are public). However, the original list can only be edited by the creator.

With List.ly, each list is still created by a single user, but the users added to that list can be voted up or down by anyone, can be added or removed, and the list itself can be shared more easily (embedded on a website, for instance).

It’s really worth checking out, for a few reasons:

It’s a huge time saver
OK, creating a list can be time consuming, there’s no denying it. But using List.ly, you can tap into the brain power of your audience to help you come up with the best food blogs to follow on Twitter. Ask them to weigh in on your newly created list, and you’ll soon have a fast-growing, vibrant list that reflects not only your knowledge, but the knowledge of those you’re connected to.

You can network better
Lists have been a valuable tool for myself when it comes to networking. I use them to keep track of certain individuals and businesses, and interact with my niche. But, List.ly adds an extra layer of networking thanks to its collaborative features. By asking others to add their two cents to your list, or by sharing it on your blog, you have the opportunity to get to know your audience in a deeper way.

We’re all experts at something… but not everything
Being able to share lists more easily, and get your audience to help curate them, means that you get to tap into experts in a variety of fields. You might be interested in creating a list of local food trucks, but you don’t know all of them in your area – enter your audience. Chances are, someone you’re connected to knows of a few you don’t. Or, maybe you have created the ultimate list of tech CEOs, and you want to share your knowledge with others. List.ly lets you both show your expertise and benefit from the expertise of others in a social, collaborative environment.

Lists come alive
How many of you have created a list, never to return to it again? Or at least, never to add or remove a member? It’s too easy to get excited about creating a list, and then forget to continue to curate it as you encounter new accounts, or old accounts go dormant or off-topic. List.ly helps your lists remain active, even after you’ve created them, since you and your audience are encouraged to continually curate their members.

You can create an account in a matter of seconds over at List.ly, and start your list sharing experience right now!

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