Sharp Readying 3D 720p Capable Mobile Device Camera Modules

Image courtesy of Sharp

The megapixel race for digital cameras in phones is no more meaningful than the one for conventional digital cameras. In the end, photo quality is dependent on a lot of other factors like the quality of the glass lens, the size of the photo sensor, and image stabilization. But, here’s a camera development for mobile devices that really intrigues me:

Sharp Develops 3D Camera Module for Mobile Devices Capable of Capturing High-Definition 3D Video Images, an Industry First

This isn’t available in any commercial device yet. But Sharp says mass production should begin sometime this year. The camera is capable of capturing 3D video with 720p HD quality. So, get set to record your own “Avatar” with your 3D capable phone.

Sharp unveils first 3D high-definition camera for mobile devices (via ZDNET)

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