Sheet Music App for the iPad – Really

When I predicted that we would see new kinds of music apps after the iPad launched, this wasn’t quite what I expected:

Für Elise by L.V. Beethoven – Piano Solo (iPad Edition)

What is that link above? It is sheet music for the iPad. For $2.99, you can see the music for Für Elise. It also includes a PDF file that you can copy over to a PC or Mac to print.

For a dollar more ($3.99), you can buy the sheet music for:

Moonlight Sonata by L.V. Beethoven – Piano Solo MP3 included

This (adding an MP3 audio file) is a bit more interesting. But as with other print to electronic publication transitions, I object to tying a single piece of sheet music to an individual app. The publisher (Muzilbook Publishing) should create a sheet music app that allows in-app purchases of sheet music, its associated MP3 audio file, and the background of the piece.

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