Shills Disclose They’re Miffed at Updated FTC Guides

The FTC published their guidelines for bloggers disclosing endorsements. Half the blogosphere is upset about the government intrusion. The other half is upset no one is sending them free stuff.

We like the whole idea of sunlight and everyone just coming out and saying companies have given them stuff and now therefore they like those companies. Like how you’re supposed to publicly swoon over your employer.

And second off, they’re guides and not laws. So “intrusion” would need to at least be binding. It’s requesting disclosure or truth in advertising.

We predict this updated guide will become the new bragging rights for bloggers. It will all be page views and “material connections.” As in,”Dude says he gets 200,000 page views and already he’s got at least 15 different material connections?!” Remember a couple years ago when musicians were “sell-outs” if their songs were commercials? Now if you get a song made into a commercial – you’ve hit the big time and your MP3 blows up.

And as far as celebrities go, of course they are swag swillers. Isn’t that why people get famous so they don’t have to buy anything ever? People with fake body parts on fake reality shows with fake relationships and fake personalities now have to be real about who pays them? Bring it.

LAT’s James Rainey discusses the finer points of Kim Kardashian, the Billboard Belle.